Changing SiteIDs in the Shopify App

What are SiteIDs?

When you first sign up with Sumo and successfully register with your site, something called a SiteID is automatically generated for you.

A SiteID is an alphanumeric string, and the following information is stored on it:

  • Your Sumo subscription (if your SiteID has access to your Pro features or not)
  • Your collected emails/data gathered in Sumo
  • Your Sumo app settings
  • Your Sumo forms
  • The URL displayed on

Essentially, this is a key or identifier for all of your Sumo purchases, settings, and data.

You can view the SiteID for each of your sites by navigating to and clicking the sideways carrot to the right of the site name. sid.gif

You can then compare the SiteID installed on your site to the SiteID on by inspecting your site's source code (command + option + U on macs) and searching for siteID. sid3.png

*The long string of letters and numbers between the '=' and the '\' is your SiteID.*

How to change your Sumo SiteID

In the event that a SiteID is installed on your site that doesn't contain your Pro subscription or your desired data or settings, you will need to switch the SiteID installed on your site with your desired SiteID.

Here's how to change your Sumo SiteID if you have the Shopify app installed:

1. Go to your Shopify website's admin page

2. Click on the Sumo app siteid1.png

3. Log in with your Sumo account details

4. You should be redirected to your Sumo Site management section.

5. Click on the Settings menu at the top-right and select Settings.

6. Click on the SiteId tab and modify your SiteID. Then click Save Changes. siteid2.png

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