Abandoned Cart Strategy

Why is it important?

  • We don’t like it either but customers will abandon your cart. This strategy will help you  turn abandoning users into customers by offering an incentive as they leave.
  • This is the MOST effective strategy for recovering revenue from potential customers who don’t purchase
  • Drive sales immediately. We look to achieve a 10% discount code redemption rate.

How do I set this up?

This is where the magic of Sumo lies. It’s SUPER easy to set this up using our Sumo Shortcuts, step-by-step guides for launching proven strategies.

Click on our ‘Shortcuts’ tab. Follow the steps to setup the strategy.


Best Practices:

When setting up this strategy, you need to choose your discount offer.

Recommended: 10% offer is our recommended starting place. Expect to see higher conversion rates the higher discount you offer:

A few other ideas to test:

  • Dollar Amount Offer => Try testing $ discount vs. % discount of the same amount. If your AOV is $100, try $10 off instead of 10% off.
  • The “Weird % Offer” => Try 7% or 9% off. We’ve seen a smaller discount amounts outperform round figures, like 10% or 20%
  • Free Shipping => Free shipping has almost become required. However, you should definitely test this offer if it’s performs well & the costs.

We promise. It works :) Case Study:

Sumo customer launched their abandon cart strategy and is converting at 8% and has driven sales of $34,000+​. delivers unique discount codes via the popup success message and sumo autoresponder, using our Shopify integration. With a click of a button, the discount is applied automatically to checkout.

Discount Campaign Results - Total Purchase Amount


More Information:

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