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Subscribe by Email is a feature that can be found in the Behavior tab of your List Builder popup and is available to all Pro users.

What does it do?

It allows your mobile visitors who view the popup to subscribe without having to enter an email address.  People are much more likely to subscribe the less effort they have to put in, which makes Subscribe by Email such a great feature.

How does it work?

Simply turn on "Subscribe by email" in the Behavior tab of any List Builder popups that you would like to enable the feature on.

Once you've turned on this setting and saved the popup, any mobile visitors viewing your popup will see it looking much like it did before, but there's no email address field they need to fill out.


When they click on the Subscribe button, visitors will have their default mobile email client open up with an email already filled out.  Once they hit the "send" button for that email, we'll add the email address they used to your Sumo subscriber list.

Easy, right?

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