Installing Sumo on Wordpress

Attention: Your website must be a and NOT a website.

If you have not already signed up for Sumo, check out the Getting Started with Sumo Guide before following the instructions below.


  1. Login to your website's Wordpress Admin Dashboard.
  2. Select Plugins Add New. Search Sumo and then click Install Now01.png
  3. Click Activate to finalize your plugin install of Sumo.
  4. Click on Settings within the plugin list or on Sumo within the Dashboard Panel itself.03.png
  5. Click on Connect Sumo in order to attach your account to access your Sumo apps and settings.04.png
  6. Enter in the Sumo account credentials you have already made, or create a new account.05.png
  7. Now that you're connected, click on My Apps to turn on the apps you would like to use.06.png
  8. In order to upgrade to Pro, you can click on Store from your WP Sumo Dashboard or from within the Sumo Home.

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