Integrating with Aweber

Connecting to Aweber in Sumo is quick and easy. Just follow the quick start guide below!

Aweber integration details

Details required to connect: Aweber login name and password

Key integration features:

    • Mailing List: Select an Aweber Mailing List to push new Sumo subscribers to
    • Apply Tags: Specify any tags you want to apply to new Sumo subscribers in Aweber
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Connecting to Aweber in Sumo

  1. Log into Sumo!
  2. Open the Launcher Settings menu at the top-right of the Launcher and select Settings
  3. Click on the Integrations tab at the top
  4. Click on the Aweber integration
  5. Click on the Connect button
  6. A window should appear asking you to log in with your Aweber login name/password
  7. Select the Mailing List to push your new Sumo subscribers to
  8. (Optional) Enter any tags you want to apply to new Sumo subscribers
  9. Click Save!
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Disabling double opt-in

Aweber can enable single opt-in through their API on a case-by-case basis.

If you want to have your account and your lists enabled for this, all you have to do is contact AWeber through their online form.

Or email Tell them you want to enable single opt-in for your lists for use through their API. Aweber will then either approve or deny your request after they review your account.

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Setting up extra fields in Aweber

Sumo offers the ability to set up multiple fields in your opt-in forms. This include standard fields such as First Name, Last Name and Phone Number. You can also set up completely Custom Fields or Hidden Fields!

Check out our guide on Fields HERE.

In order to make sure that any extra fields you've set up will correctly pass into Aweber, check out our guide HERE.

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Choosing separate lists per-popup

In Sumo, you can choose to push different Campaigns/Popups to different lists in Aweber.

Check out our guide to setting up campaign-level integrations!

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