Getting Started With Share

What is Share?

Share makes it stupid-easy for your visitors to share your content to their friends, family, and others. The more people share your site and content, the more viral traffic goes back to your site.

Here you'll find detailed documentation for Share's features including analyzing click performance, customizing your share buttons placement and services, configuring your share buttons based on display rules, and more.

Get the Word out on Your Content

You work really hard on creating killer content and it deserves everyone’s attention. Connected to over 16 social services (Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and more), Share ensures your visitors can share your content on their favorite social services.

Desktop, Mobile, Everywhere

Your visitors are using all sorts of devices to get to your site. Make it dead-easy for all of them (mobile or web) to share your content to their networks.

Smart Share Buttons

Some days people are sharing your stuff via Twitter while other days people want to share your site through SMS. With our Share smart mode we optimize which sharing options are most effective on a per page basis. Smart mode is good, you not having to do anything is even better.

Easy, Easy Setup … Did I Mention Easy?

Who has time these days to fiddle around with complex code or confusing settings? With our drag-and-drop setup, you can set up Share to show exactly where you want on your site.

Share button Setup & Controls

  • Top Bar Menu - view page/click summaries, select sharing services and appearance customization (desktop and mobile), select additional areas for buttons, create inline and mobile optimized design styles, configure the display rules, customized tweet formatting, parameter for tracking social traffic sources, and URL shortener integration.
  • Main Pane - contains the details of the specific feature section.

In the Top Bar Menu, you can access:


View the top performing pages and total clicks across the website for different devices and sharing services. Download to CSV and review click performance across any date range, specific service, or specific device with Share Pro .


Drag-and-drop social services and rearrange either manually or using “smart” mode. Configure the appearance, color, count numbers and mobile settings.


Select from several locations to show share buttons on your site. Edit each per-position settings with Share Pro .

Inline Sharing PRO Only

Design and create customized sharing codes for installing Sumo Share buttons in any location on your website.

Mobile Optimized PRO Only

Offer your mobile visitors a customized selection of Share button services only they can see.

Display Rules

Control where Share buttons shows on your site depending on the page(s), URL parameter, or query string variable(s), and more.


Choose a Twitter screen name to append to tweets. Make follow suggestions by adding multiple Twitter accounts.

Tracking PRO Only

Track your shared URLs across all social sources (custom tracking as well) with our UTM parameter tracking tool.

URL Shortener PRO Only

Toggle whether to use a URL shortener service or not when links are shared.

Share is divided into two areas:

Customize Share’s Social Services and Settings

Choose and manipulate Share button services and in the Settings menu item.

Drag any of the available social services over to your Selected Services window to add it to Share. Re-order the services simply by click-and-dragging them in the order you prefer.

Note: As of now, Instagram is not listed as an available service because their API does not allow you to make posts onto Instagram.

Customization Settings

There are two options for sorting your Share buttons:

  • Manual - Uses the order you choose in the drag-and-drop interface.
  • Smart - Optimizes your services for the most shares.

Services Shown

Determines how many services to display on your share bar.

Share Label

Customize your “share” label and background color to match the tone and design of your website. (i.e. ‘Shares’, ‘Likes’, ‘Favorites’)

Button Styling

  • Size - Small, Medium, or Large share icons.
  • Padding - the amount of spacing between the pixels.
  • Style - Square, Rounded or Circle button design.
  • Background Color - Customize the color of your share buttons.
  • Show Share Count - Toggle display of share counts and set the minimum amount.
  • Show Total Share Count - Toggle display of aggregate total share count.


  • Width - Control the mobile mode when the browser width is less than a certain amount in pixels. Default is 480.
  • List or Grid View - Toggle the Share services to display in a list rather than the default Grid view.
Drag-and-Drop Additional Services

Select your Share button Placement Locations

Control the layout of your share buttons placement on your website. Combined with the powerful display rules, configure your buttons to display at the right location on the right pages.


  1. Page - Fixed Left, Fixed Right, and Fixed Bottom
  2. Above Article Header - Left, Center and Right above article’s header.
  3. Below Article Header - Left, Center and Right below article’s header.
  4. Article Footer - Left, Center and Right


  1. Top of Screen
  2. Bottom - Left, Center, and Right

TIP: With Share Pro , you can override the global settings and have specific, per-position settings for each share placement.

Save Your Share Placement Layout

After you’re satisfied selecting all the locations, click on the green "Save" button on the bottom right of the screen. Depending on your display rules, test your site using your device(s) or in new browser window, preferably Google Chrome in incognito mode.

Using our simple-to-use placement guide, you can select multiple areas for sharing on desktop & mobile:

Control Your Share button’s Display RulesImage_2017-10-24_11-36-42.png

Display Rules has 2 settings: “Show” and “Don’t Show”. One thing to always remember is that a “Don’t Show” rule will always take priority over any “Show” rules.

Rules can be created individually to work independent of each other or defined as a group to work as a rule set.

Show Examples:

  • Show Share ONLY the homepage
  • Show Share on ALL mobile devices
  • Show Share on pages with THIS query parameter

Don’t Show Examples:

  • Don’t Show Share ONLY the homepage
  • Don’t Show Share ONLY on a desktop
  • Don’t Show Share on ALL pages containing an articles

Creating Multiple Rules

You can add as many rules as you want for all types of configuration on your website. See more examples of rule in action for mobile or desktop situations, specific pages and sections or your entire website.

Save Your Display Rules

After you’re satisfied setting up your display rules, click on the green "Save" button on the bottom right of the screen. Depending on your display rule set, test your site using your device(s) or in new browser window, preferably Google Chrome in incognito mode.

Define where Share appears on your website. By default, Share shows on all pages.

Services - Twitter Username Association and Follow SuggestionsImage_2017-10-24_11-37-22.png

Suggest accounts to follow - Suggest relevant Twitter accounts to follow. comma separated list. “@appsumo, @sumo, @kingsumo”

Association a Twitter account - Enter a screen name to append to tweets. No “@” symbol needed.

Clicks - View & Analyze Your Social Share Data

We're a big believer in analyzing page performance across your website and seeing its social performance is a big indicator of what’s working and what’s not.

View Performance across All Devices & Services

Track the performance of your website’s social sharing across all the devices and all social services (70 and counting). Share tracks the clicks of all pages of your site up the previous 7 days.

Want even more from Share?

Upgrade to Share Pro is for people who want an extra 20% more page views everyday. UTM will help you see which sharing options are ACTUALLY bringing you back traffic. You can also download all your stats, customize your mobile preferences and remove all Sumo branding.

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