Getting Started With Smart Bar (legacy)

What is Smart Bar?

Smart Bar sits beautifully at the top of your website reminding your visitors to join your email list, check out your new blog post, or whatever else you want them to do. You’ll be amazed at what a simple reminder can do :-).

Here you'll find detailed documentation for Smart Bar's features, one-click campaign enabling, reviewing real-time statistics, custom page query strings, track logged in users and more.

A/B Testing

Test different copy, templates, buttons, behavior and more to get more emails. Some people are getting 20-50% more emails after setting up A/B testing and optimizing their smart bar.

Custom Designed Templates

We hired a fancy designer to make 15 gorgeous smart bar templates just for you. Look like a pro while growing your email list.

Advanced Display Rules

You can show different smart bars for different visitors. Getting a lot of traffic from Twitter? Set up a smart bar just for them. Most customers see a significant increase in conversion the more tailored the smart bar is to the page it’s being shown on.

No Branding + VIP Support

All Sumo branding is completely removed. Make it look like you paid thousands for these custom tools. Not only that, but we’re here 24/7 to help you if you have any issues.

One-Click Integration with Your Favorite Email Marketing Service

The emails you collect with Smart Bar transfer directly into your favorite email marketing service. Including MailChimp, Aweber, Get Response and many more.

Smart Bar's Setup & Controls

Smart Bar is divided into three areas:

  • Sidebar Menu - pause or enable the app, view & download subscriber emails, alter the design, add custom fields, configure the behavior and display rules, perform A/B testing, email integrations, advanced form capabilities, insert tracking pixels.
  • Top Menu - create a new campaign or popup, rename/delete/open an existing campaign or popup, or copy the current campaign or popup and create a new one.
  • Main Pane - contains the details of the specific feature section.

Smart Bar Overview Dashboard


Analyze your bars's success usage data and daily statistics. Download your subscriber list to CSV File (Complete list or the last 7 days).


Create a campaign with their own unique set of popups to A/B test display and behavior rules based on certain pages, referrer status, mobile or desktop, and more.


Manage your bar’s design, fields, behavior rules, tracking pixels, advanced HTML coding, and assigned campaign.

Campaign Dashboard

Toggles whether Smart Bar is active or paused on your site.

A/B Tests

Create multiple popups windows and review detailed analytics for multiple tests and choose your most effective popup in every campaign.

Display Rules

Control where List Builder shows on your site.


Connect and send your subscriber data to your favorite email service provider list. Using Constant Contact for drip campaigns and Mailchimp for newsletters? Connect multiple services easily within Smart Bar's powerful interface.

Design Dashboard

Simple-to-use design wizard walks you through the configuration for both the "Subscribe" and "Success" bar.


Configure Trigger and Frequency. Optional features: Success Redirect URL, Pass Email Redirect URL, and Yield Tech.


Supercharge your Smart Bar and modify your popup at the source by pasting in your own completely custom HTML form code (created by you or a email service provider). Once activated, only the popup impressions are tracked, so Sumo's universal "Forever" cookie that's issued upon successful subscription cannot be issued and your popup frequency is the only way to control the popup's recurrence to your visitors.

Tracking Pixels

Configure Tracking & Conversion Pixels from all analytics software. Supports all tracking pixels including Google Analytics.


List and manage status in all campaigns this bar belongs to as well as create new ones.

In the Sidebar Menu, you can access: Pause or Activate (Campaign) Design

Understanding and Creating a Campaign

Having a successfully optimized smart bar is not magic but persistence. Your bars can evolve over time based on assumptions, but are backed up with data used by running multiple campaigns. You can run these tests using multiple versions of mats in your campaign on your page.

In the top left corner of Smart Bar, click on the "Campaigns" Menu and select "New".


After creating a campaign or selecting a campaign to use, you will want to add bar(s) to the campaign for capturing subscriber information.

TIP: Alternatively, you can create a campaign in your Smart Bar Home Dashboard by clicking on the "Campaigns" tab in the left menu and clicking on the "Add New Campaign" button.

Create & Customize Your Smart Bar

Let’s start with designing your Smart Bar. As long as you are in the “subscribe” state you’re designing the view your visitors will see when they first encounter your bar.


Using our simple-to-use wizard, our customization builder features include:

    1. Select Template - Access over 18 ready-to-go design templates.
    2. Bar Mode - Choose a specific purpose of your Smart Bar:
      1. Email Collect - Capture emails for your email subscriber list.
      2. Call to Action - Direct users to a specific action URL.
      3. Twitter Follow - Direct users to follow a specific Twitter account.
      4. Facebook Like - Direct users to like a specific Facebook URL.
    3. Call To Action URL - Enter a URL for your button to go to when click on. Be sure to include “https://” or “http://” when entering your URL. Applies to “Call To Action” bar only.
  • Call To Action Target - Choose whether your button opens in the same window or a new window. Applies to “Call To Action” bar only.
  1. Heading - Customize the copy, font, and color of your heading. If you would prefer not to have one you can leave it blank.
  2. Body Text - Customize the copy, font and color of your message. If you would prefer not to have one you can leave it blank. HTML is allowed.
  3. Button - Customize the copy and color of both your call to action and its button. Applies to “Email Collect” bar and “Call To Action” bar only.
  4. Email Placeholder - “Enter your email address” or “ ”. Applies to “Email Collect” bar only.
As long as you are in the “subscribe” state you’re designing the view your visitors will see when they first encounter your bar.

Create & Customize Your Success Bar

Once your visitors have subscribed successfully they will see the success bar as confirmation. Click on the “subscribe” button in the design panel to see your changes. All font and colors are inherited from the subscribe settings.

  1. Success Heading - Customize the copy for your follow up success bar.
  2. Success Text - Customize the copy of your success bar. HTML is allowed. HTML strings included.
  3. Success Button - Customize the copy of your success bar call to action.
  4. Background Color - Customize the color of your bar’s background.

IMPORTANT: This is an alternative to the success redirect url located in your Behavior tab. You may use either the Success Bar method or the Redirect URL method, but not both.

Save Your Design

After you’re satisfied setting up your design, click on the green "Save" button on the bottom right of the screen. Test your site using your device(s) or in new browser window, preferably Google Chrome in incognito mode.

A/B Testing Bars in a Campaign


  1. Add bars to your campaign - Select the "Bar & A/B Tests" in the left menu sidebar and click on "Add New Bar" or "Add Existing Bar" button.

    When creating or adding a bar to your campaign, we recommend giving each one a easily identifiable name for comparison purposes (especially when testing minor variations across popups). Click on the edit icon next to the current bar name to update the title to a more recognizable name.

    TIP: You can add as many bars as you want to perform your A/B testing.


  1. Set bar status to active - Make sure each bar in your A/B test rotation's “Active” status is enabled. If enabled, the toggle will be green.
  1. Evaluate and adjust bar frequency - By default, all your bars are given equal display time to your visitors. Adjusting this slider affects how often the bar appears in the rotation to your visitors.


    1. Review campaign statistics and make adjustments - To view the ongoing success of your bars, you will want to regularly analyze the results.

      Each box’s relevant data including:
      1. Number of bars - How many times the bar is shown to visitors
      2. Number of Subscribers - How many visitors are subscribed to the bar
      3. Conversion Rate - How many visitors viewed and subscribed to your bar
      4. Statistical Significance - Measurement of the confidence rate for your bar
  • Variance Improvement - Improvement on the bar’s success
After creating a campaign or selecting a campaign to use, you will want to test multiple versions of your bar to see which one performs the best conversions.

Control your Smart Bar’s Behavior



Frequency determines how often your visitor will see your Smart Bar if they do not successfully subscribe. You can choose for your popups to "Always Show" to your vsitors no matter what, or you can configure the length of time between when your visitors are shown your popup window based on:

  • Minutes
  • Hours
  • Days
  • Months
  • Years

If you would prefer to further customize when your popup displays you can choose from the following two options:

  1. Do not show if already subscribed or clicked - Toggle "ON" and this popup WON'T show to someone who has already clicked or subscribed through Sumo.
  2. Do not show if opted out - Toggle "ON" and this popup WON'T show to someone who has already opted out of this app.


Smart Bar has three placement locations based on your site visitor’s behavior:

  1. Sticky - Smart Bar is fixed to the top of the page and moves when the visitor scrolls.
  2. Static - Smart Bar displays at to the top of the page and doesn’t move.
  3. Smart - Smart Bar hides as the visitor scrolls down the web page and is shown on scrolling back up the page.

Display to New Visitors Only

Toggle whether you want to show your bar to all visitors to your page or only to those who haven’t subscribed or clicked your Smart Bar.

Success Redirect URL

After a user successfully submits their information, you can redirect them to a specific URL, such as a special thank you page or a rewards page.

IMPORTANT: This is an alternative to the “Success” bar. You may use either the “Success” bar method or the Redirect URL method, but not both.

Pass Email Address to Success Redirect URL

An advanced feature when paired with the Success Redirect URL method, pass the subscriber's email address as a variable through either POST or GET methods.

Subscriber Notifications

When each visitor converts into an email subscriber, you will receive a notification within Sumo letting you know. You can see all your notifications by clicking on the globe in your Sumo admin bar.


Shows the Smart Bar on the current page based on your display settings.

Save Your Behavior Rules

After you’re satisfied setting up your behavior rules, click on the green "Save" button on the bottom right of the screen. Depending on your behavior rules, test your site using your device(s) or in new browser window, preferably Google Chrome in incognito mode.

When your Smart Bar is triggered by your visitors is critical to it’s success. Click on the “Behavior” tab to configure the when and how often your popup will display.

Control Your Smart Bar’s Display Rules

Display Rules has 2 settings: “Show” and “Don’t Show”. One thing to always remember is that a “Don’t Show” rule will always take priority over any “Show” rules.

Rules can be created individually to work independent of each other or defined as a group to work as a rule set.

Show Examples:

  • Show Smart Bar ONLY the homepage
  • Show Smart Bar on ALL mobile devices
  • Show Smart Bar on pages with THIS query parameter

Don’t Show Examples:

  • Don’t Show Smart Bar ONLY the homepage
  • Don’t Show Smart Bar ONLY on a desktop
  • Don’t Show Smart Bar on ALL pages containing an articles

Creating Multiple Rules

You can add as many rules as you want for all types of configuration on your website. See more examples of rule in action for mobile or desktop situations, specific pages and sections or your entire website.

Save Your Display Rules

After you’re satisfied setting up your display rules, click on the green "Save" button on the bottom right of the screen. Depending on your display rule set, test your site using your device(s) or in new browser window, preferably Google Chrome in incognito mode.

Define where Smart Bar appears on your website. By default, Smart Bar shows on all pages.

Services - Email Service Provider Integrations

Connect Your Subscribers Steps

  1. In the Smart Bar menu, click on the "Services" menu item.
  2. Scroll to your third party solution provider and click on the service provider's name.
  3. Click on the "Connect" button. The service provider's integration window popup will appear and ask you for authorization.
  4. Once logged in, authorize your account to communicate directly with Sumo Me's Smart Bar.
  5. Select your service provider's list for subscriber data to go to.

Verify Provider is Connected and Activated

You should see a green "Connected" next to your service provider when successfully connected. If not, then the authorization didn't work. Check your account credentials and try logging back into that service provider account and retry the Connect Your Subscriber steps again.

Integrating Multiple Email Service Providers

You can connect one or many of the service providers we have listed.

For connecting each service, you'll want to make sure that the and select a list for each one to deliver the subscriber data to.

My Email Service Provider Isn't Listed

If you don't see your particular service provider, we recommend checking Zapier's Sumo service integration to see if you can use it.

Collecting subscriber information is important - having is communicate directly to your third party service is ideal.

Emails - Manually Access your Smart Bar Subscriber Data

We're a big believer in having your data pushed to your list automatically, but if you don't have an email service, we provide you direct access to download your subscriber data.

Download Your Subscriber Data

  1. In the menu, click on the "Emails" menu item.
  2. On the top of the screen, you will see an "Email Addresses Collected" heading. To the right of this heading, click on the "Download Last 7 Days CSV" or the “Download CSV” button.

TIP: Did you know we integrate with over 25 Email Service Providers (and growing)? See our current list of integrated third party services for List Builder.

Active/Pause - Toggle your Smart Bar Popup

Click on the "Paused" toggle switch in the upper left-hand menu to activate your Smart Bar. The icon should switch from a red "Paused" to a green "Active" toggle and the Active banner will appear when successfully activated.

Your Smart Bar is now active!

After you have configured your Smart Bar, you're ready to successfully activate it and begin collecting subscriber information.
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