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Okay, so you want to grow your email list, right? But we get it, you don't want to be too pushy about it. Scroll Box provides the solution: a polite way to ask your visitors for their email address as they finish reading your latest blog post or learning about your product.


  • Ability to slide in from any corner of your website
  • Option for Scroll Box to slide in from up/down or left/right
  • Control how often the Scroll Box gets shown
  • Integrates automatically with Aweber, MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, Constant contact, and many more
  • Total control over the design and timing of your newsletter popover
  • Install Scroll Box email collect in seconds
  • Fully customizable look and feel of Scroll Box
  • Mobile optimized
  • Completely control which pages your Scroll Box gets shown on

Setup & Controls

Scroll Box's Setup & Controls

Active Button - Set Your Box to Active or Paused.

Emails - Usage Data, Daily Stats, Subscriber List & CSV File Download (Full and last 7 days)

Design - Subscribe & Success Box Design Settings.

Fields -  [ Pro ]  Additional Fields: Name, First Name, Last Name, Company, Zip Code, Website URL, Phone

Behavior - Configure Trigger and Frequency. Optional features: Success Redirect URL, Pass Email Redirect URL, and Yield Tech

Display Rules - Control where Scroll Box shows on your site.

A/B Tests -  [ Pro ]  Run A/B Testing Campaigns and Multiple Boxes

Services - Connect to your Email Service. Multiple services allowed.

Advanced - Custom Form. HTML Only. Custom Form's bypass Sumo so only impressions are tracked. Sumo's universal "Forever" cookie that is issued upon successful subscription cannot be issued. Frequency is the only way to control custom form recurrence.

Tracking Pixels -  [ Pro ]  Setup both Tracking & Conversion Pixels. Supports all tracking pixels including Google Analytics

Creating a Box

Let's get started :) Here is where you design both the subscription and success Box.

Design Your Subscribe Box

Click on the "Design" tab, and make sure you're in the "subscribe" panel.

  1. Select Template - Free Users can only use Default.
  2. Select Size - Size of Box affects reactive sizing and how much of your screen it will take, Larger = Wider.
  3. Create Heading - Enter a Heading for your Box. This field cannot be empty. If you would like to emulate an empty field just add a space. * For Default Template Font & Color here will only affect the Heading (Not the Button)
  4. Create Text - HTML is allowed here. Customize your content, font, and color here. 
  5. Create Button - This is your CTA button. Customize the text, button color and text color.
  6. Email Placeholder - This is the copy that will sit in your email input field. Give them instruction or show them example. ie: "Enter Email", ""
  7. Save

Design Your Success Box

Make sure you click on the "success" screen toggle. All fonts and colors are controlled by the subscribe settings to ensure the success Box flows seamlessly with your subscribe Box.

  1. Success Heading - Enter your Heading on your success Box.
  2. Success Text - HTML is allowed here. Leave a note of thanks to your new subscriber!
  3. Success Button - Enter button text.
  4. Save

Set the Behavior of Your Box

Click on the "Behavior" tab and define how your Box will be triggered by your visitors.

  1. Trigger Percent - Scroll Box is triggered by page scroll. Define the percentage at which your Scroll Box appears.
  2. Display - Select which corner of the page your Scroll Box will appear in.
  3. Slide - Select the type of slide transition your Scroll Box will make: up/down, or in from side.
  4. Frequency - Frequency determines how often your visitor will see your Smart Bar if they do not successfully subscribe. You can choose for your popups to "Always Show" to your vsitors no matter what, or you can configure the length of time between when your visitors are shown your popup window based on Minutes, Hours, Days, Months, or Years.
  5. Do not show if already subscribed or clicked - Toggle "ON" and this popup WON'T show to someone who has already clicked or subscribed through Sumo.
  6. Do not show if opted out - Toggle "ON" and this popup WON'T show to someone who has already opted out of this app.
  7. Success Redirect URL - This is an alternative to the success Box. You may use either or but not both. You may enter a URL that you want to send a user to after a successful signup, such as a thank you page or a rewards page.
  8. Pass email address to Success Redirect URL - This is an advanced feature that can be paired with Success Redirect URL for those who would like to pass the email address of the subscriber as a variable through either POST or GET methods.
  9. Yield Tech - We definitely recommend using Yield Tech if you're using our Email Apps in conjunction with each other. This will ensure your visitor will only see 1 Box per page (the first they trigger).
  10. Preview - See the way your Scroll Box will appear to your visitors.
  11. Save

Configure your Display Rules

Control where Scroll Box Boxes appear on your site. Boxes will only show when any of your "Show" rules match and none of your "Don't Show" rules match. "Don't Show" will always win if there is a conflict :)

  1. Show - Create any Show Rules here including: Mobile, Desktop, All, Specific Pages, Specific Sections.
  2. Don't Show - Create any Don't Show Rules here including: Mobile, Desktop, All, Specific Pages, Specific Sections.
  3. Save

Connect your Services

Be sure to connect to your Services so your subscribers get pushed to your list :) If you do not have a service, you can "Download CSV" files under "Services > Email" and manage your list manually.

  1. Multiple Services - You can connect to multiple services, just make sure you pick a list to write to :)
  2. Connected - If you don't see a green "Connected" then that service is not connected.

Here is a list of Services we're currently integrated with.

Set your Box to Active

Your Scroll Box Box is ready to go, one last step, make sure its set to Active! You will know it successfully toggled when you flip the switch and you see the Active icon go green and the banner says Active!

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