Creating A/B Tests

Test for Success

Want to know the secret to high-converting Forms? A/B Testing. List Builder offers a powerful testing toolkit where you can make Variants of your Forms and determine which gives you the highest rate of conversions. Let's set one up!


Creating a New Test

Now that you have a Popup created, it's time to create an A/B Test to see if we can improve it. To create a Test, go to your List Builder Dashboard and open the dropdown menu next to the Form you want to test. Then select Create Test from the dropdown menu.


You are then taken to the Form Editor where you can edit a duplicate of your Form called a Test Variant. We discuss in more detail in the Adding and Modifying Variants for Your Tests section.

You can also create a new Test by selecting the "Tests" tab in the top navigation of the Forms Dashboard, then select Create New Test.



This brings up a dialogue box where you choose which Form you want to use for your testing. Select a Form, then select the Start Test button below:


Adding and Modifying Variants For Your Test

After clicking Start Test, you'll be taken back to the Form Editor. The Form you're seeing here isn't the original, but a duplicate of the original called a Variant. We'll be using it to test against the original.


Now make one small change to the Variant. The key to a good A/B test is to test small changes against each other so that you can easily identify what made the difference in terms of the conversion rate.

When you are done, click Save and Exit to save your Variant. After that, you are brought back to the Forms Dashboard. You may notice that your new Variant is listed next to the original Form. Click on it if you want to make any additional changes.


Now that you've created your Test, head over to the Tests Dashboard to see it.

If you want to add a new Variant to your Test, click the Add New Variation button.


Congrats! You've created your first A/B Test.

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