Sumo Refer-A-Friend Program


The Sumo "Refer-a-friend" program allows you to earn Sumo credit for each new user you bring to Sumo who created there account using your referral link and becomes a paying customer. The new user who creates an account using your referral link MUST pay for a subscription in order for you to get the referral credit.

Where to find your "Refer-a-friend" link

You can find your "Refer-a-friend" link from within Sumo itself on your website (or on

  1. Go to your website where Sumo is installed or go here: and select your website
  2. Log into Sumo to bring up the Sumo Launcher
  3. Open the Launcher Settings and select Sumo Store
  4. Click on the Refer a Friend tab at the top and you will find your link
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Credit not showing after a referral

It is important to note that the person who uses your referral link to upgrade must be a BRAND NEW Sumo user in order for you to get the credit. 

Contact us if you still have any questions!

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