Tracking Lead Sources in Hubspot with FormSync

By default, email addresses collected within Sumo popups will be displayed as "Offline Sources" within Hubspot. In order to see the proper Lead Source information within Hubspot, you will need to use our FormSync feature. No worries, it's easy :)


  1. Sign in to Hubspot, and select Reports from the Hubspot Menu. Then click Reports Settings.
  2. Copy the Hubspot Tracking code in the Tracking Code text area, and copy and paste this tracking code into every page of your site, just before the body tag. For detailed instructions on how to do this, read Hubspot's tutorial here.
  3. Next, create your Hubspot Form by clicking on Contacts, then Forms.
  4. Click Create new form.
  5. Name the form (the name should be something you pick). Then click Create Form.
  6. Click Embed and create the redirect address for your form (this will be the URL that your visitor is redirected to after they have successfuly signed up for your form).
  7. Copy the Form's Embed code. You can do this with the Copy embed code button beneath the form code. (Make sure to click Save Form).

    Note: You will want to add and remove fields in the form, so that they match your fields in your Sumo popup.
  8. Navigate to your desired popup within Sumo, click the Connect to Email Service tab, and select FormSync.
  9. Click Connect.
  10. Paste your Hubspot form's code into the FormSync text area.
  11. Paste the code, target: '.sumo-formsync' on the line below the formId. (Don't forget to add the "," after the formId).
  12. Select the name of the Hubspot email field within the Email Field dropdown menu.
  13. Navigate to the Design section of your popup, click your Email field, and select email within FormSync Field dropdown and click Save.

    Note: If you have additional fields within your Sumo popup, you will need to make sure the proper Hubspot field has been selected within the dropdown menu after clicking those fields as well.
  14. Submit your email address through your popup.
  15. Click the Contacts menu item in Hubspot, and select All Contacts within the dropdown menu.
  16. Click your recently submitted email address.
  17. You should now be able to see your Hubspot tracking information. Voila! You have successfully setup your Sumo - Hubspot FormSync integration.
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