Creating a Cart Casino Form

Cart Casino is a new high-converting Form Type in List Builder which lets your visitors play a game in exchange for a discount code or Content Upgrade. You'll receive either their email or a push notification subscription. It integrates seamlessly with Sumo's Discount Codes feature.

Cart Casino and Discount Codes are available on the following plans:


Enabling a Cart Casino Form

Open up List Builder and click Create New Form at the top-right.


Now in the Goal section, choose either Collect Emails or Collect Push Notification Subscribers.


Once you've selected a Goal, head down to the Form Type section and select Cart Casino.


Configuring a Cart Casino Form

After selecting Cart Casino as a Form Type, you're ready to configure it. Head to the Design tab. Click on the table or the Configure Game button to get started.


Here you'll see up to 8 prizes you can set on your Cart Casino form. In order to set the form live, it will need to have at least one prize set up with an associated prize.


There are 4 elements to each prize:

  1. Symbol image - This is the image that will be visible on the Cart Casino form when the visitor starts spinning the wheel. If the prize is selected, they'll see 3 of this image in a row. Click on the symbol to upload and use your own custom image!
  2. Prize text - This is what will show on the form's success message when a visitor wins the prize. For example: Congratulations, you win [10% Off]!
  3. Prize - This is what a visitor will be given if they win this prize. You can create a discount code campaign by selecting "Create New Discount Campaign" in the dropdown. Or you can assign a Content Upgrade (downloadable file).
  4. Frequency - This is how often each prize is likely to be chosen when a visitor spins the wheel.  A larger number means it's more likely to be chosen.

Muting Game Sound

Enable Mute Game Audio if you don't want audio to play when visitors interact with the game form.

Delivering Prizes

Finish setting the rest of your Cart Casino form up and you can click Make Live to set it live. Now whenever a visitor subscribes, they'll have a chance to win one of the prizes you configured earlier. After spinning the wheel, one of your prizes will be chosen and they'll see a success message with your prize text and discount code or content upgrade link.



If you want to customize your success message some more, feel free to do that. You can use these placeholders, which will display as the prize text and prize link:

  1. {prize_text} - Will show as the prize text you set up in the game configuration section (e.g. 10% Off)
  2. {prize} - Will show as either the discount code associated with the prize won (e.g. 00001-059a7f), or a download link if the prize is a Content Upgrade

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