Getting Started With Sumo Chat

With Sumo chat, you can now interact with your visitors directly. Set up is easy and you can get started in just a couple of minutes.

Sumo Chat is available with the following Sumo Plans:

Installing Sumo Chat

If you haven't installed Chat yet, open up the Sumo Launcher and select Chat in the Messages tab on the left.

The first time you open up Chat, you'll see the Welcome Message. Here you have two options:

  • Turn on Chat - This will enable Chat immediately. You can modify your Chat settings later.
  • Chat Settings - You can modify your Chat settings before enabling it.

1.pngWe recommend making sure your settings are all set before enabling it. To do that, click Chat Settings and continue reading the next section for more details.

Note: Your visitors will only see the creator of your Sumo site when interacting with your Sumo Chat. If your Site creator is and is logged into Chat, visitors will see

Chat Settings

To access Chat settings, you can go to one of two places:

  • Click on Chat Settings in the Chat app (Messages tab > Chat in the Launcher)
  • Click on the dropdown menu at the top-right of the Launcher and select Settings, then select the Chat tab at the top

Once in the Chat settings, you have a few options:

  • Enabled - Toggles the Chat app on or off. If off, the Chat app will not be visible to visitors on your website.
  • Chat Color - Determines the color of the Chat widget on your website. Also determines the color of the top bar of the chat window.
  • Display Rules - Allows you to determine where and when the Chat widget appears on your website. Read our article on Display Rules for more details on Display Rules.

4.pngYou can see a preview of what the chat window will look like at the bottom-right. When you're ready, turn on the Enable switch and Chat will start running!


One thing you may notice in your Chat window preview is a face icon. If you have a Gravatar set up, you can customize this icon to your liking. For more details on Gravatars, click here.

Interacting with Visitors

Warning! Only one user may interact with visitors at a time. If multiple users try to interact with visitors, issues can occur. We're looking to improve multiple users interacting with visitors in a future update.

When visitors click on your Chat widget, it will bring up the Chat window. As soon as they type anything in, they'll be asked for their email address. When they enter a valid email address, two things will happen:

  • The email address will be added to the Subscribers tab of Message Center. You can interact with them via email through there.
  • You can begin interacting with them through the Chat app.

Whenever you have an unread Chat message, you'll see indicators in the Launcher sidebar. You can go into the Chat app and click on any chats awaiting a response.


When sending messages to "online" chat requesters, you can interact back-and-forth immediately. Messages will be delivered in realtime.

If the chat requester is offline by the time you get to their message, you can send them a reply and they'll be sent an email with your response, and a link back to your site to open the chat again.

Chat Statistics

If you'd like detailed statistics about your interactions with visitors, open the Chat app and close any open chats to view them.

  • Response Time - The amount of time before your first response to each chat requester
  • Messages Per Chat - The average number of messages for each chat, including the initial automated message asking for the chat requester's email
  • Chat Duration - The amount of time from the chat requester's first message until the chat session has ended
  • Visitors - How many visitors have seen your Chat widget
  • Chats - How many chat sessions have been created
  • Email Addresses - How many unique email addresses you've collected from chat requesters

3.pngYou can also see a "Heat Map" of your chats based on frequency. This is broken down by hours and days. Times are set in your local timezone.

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