Integrating Discount Codes with Shopify


Sumo Discount Codes


You can now generate your own discount codes in Sumo.

With discount codes, you’ll be able to:

  • Capture customers who are on the fence about buying
  • Create urgency so your website visitors take action
  • Drive more sales and make more $$$

*Note*: You must have a Sumo Pro Big subscription or higher to use the Sumo Discount Codes feature

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Getting Started with Sumo Discount Codes

  • Log into your Shopify Store (you will need this soon!)
  • Open List Builder and click the "Discounts" tab at the top


  • You will see 2 options, Connect to Shopify and Create Discounts. Click "Connect to Shopify".


  • Sumo will prompt you to Enter your Shopify store name. Grab your Shopify store URL and modify it to look like the example below.
  • Here is what Shopify gives you as your URL (Sumo is the example name) --->


  • Modify it to look like this when when prompted by Sumo: shopify-integration-test-SUMO


  • After you have successfully integrated your Shopify account, Sumo will display "Connected to Shopify✓" You can now begin creating your discount codes!


  • To get started, click on "Create Discounts"


  • The "New Discount" window will appear to begin inputting your discount information you want to design.


1. Name your discount. This is what you and only you will see inside of List Builder.

2. Discount Type - Select from a Percentage %, Fixed Amount, or Free Shipping

3. Discount Value - This ties in with the Discount Type. How much of a discount are you offering?

4. Start Date - The life span of the discount. This is the beginning date the discount offer will begin.

5. End Date - Toggle on / off. This is life span of the discount. This is the ending date the discount offer will end.

6. Unique Codes vs. Same Code - Sumo will generate a unique code for each of your subscribers who successfully subscribe

7. Discount Prefix - Choose whether you want Sumo to use a prefix before the code.


  • You can now see the complete list of your Discount Campaigns within List Builder 


  • By clicking on a specific discount campaign, you can view the discount analytics.
    1. Email
    2. Source
    3. Page
    4. # issued
    5. # redeemed
    6. Start and end date of the discount campaign





Designing your popups with your integrated Discount Campaigns

  • Create a new List Builder form or edit an existing form 
  • Navigate to the "Success" tab of your popup, click the "+ Add New" dropdown and add a new "Discount Code" 

*Note*: The [Discount Code] button is a placeholder. Sumo will automatically generate the discount code on successful email subscribe.



  • On the left hand side, locate the blue "Assign Discount" button. This is where you will designate which Discount Campaign you want to integrate into the popup form.
  • Do you want your visitors to be able to copy the discount code to their clipboard when clicked? Turn this feature on / off.



  • Assign your chosen Discount Campaign to your popup



  • Your Discount Code has now been integrated into your popup



  • You can also add these discount codes to any of your Auto Responder emails. Keep in mind that only one campaign can be chosen per form.


  • Your visitors can now subscribe to your email list in exchange for discount codes!unnamed.jpg



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