Leads app

Where's Leads?

Leads is a disabled app. We are planning on adding Leads-like functionality into List Builder in a future update, so look forward to that!

Anyone who had Leads installed already can continue to use it. Anyone else will not be able to access it, though.

What's the alternative?

We have an awesome Pro feature called Click Triggers in List Builder. Click Triggers will allow visitors to trigger a List Builder Popup when they click on an element on your page.

Once they've subscribed, you can deliver your Content Upgrade to them in one of several ways mentioned in the next section.

How can I deliver my content upgrade?

  1. Set up a Success Redirect URL in your Sumo Email apps that redirects subscribers to your content upgrade. I'd recommend using Dropbox, which won't redirect away from your site. Here's how.
  2. Set up an integration with an Email Service Provider (e.g. Mailchimp) and set up an automated email for new subscribers who are added to your list.
  3. Don't have an Email Service Provider? You can integrate Sumo with Zapier to send emails directly to new subscribers.

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